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Top quality 100% controlled diamond burs. Each and every one of our burs is microscopically tested. High precision burs. Made with natural diamonds. 

  • Characteristics: 
    - The mix of diamond grit offers the best possible reduction in tooth preparation procedures.
    - Diamonds are equally distributed on the bur.
    - Wide selection of shapes and several grits avai
    - As a result, minimum pressure is required on the turbine and the prepared tooth is homogenised
    - R&S Diamond Burs offer maximum precision and minimum vibration
    - Range is colour coded for quick and convenient selection by dentist and auxiliary surgery staff
    - Autoclavable up to 134°C (18 minutes)
  • Instructions for use of R&S Diamond Burs:
    1 – For the safety of user and patient, it is highly recommended that only qualified dentists should work with dental diamond burs
    2 – Attention should be paid to speed of work (RPM), especially when working with a large head diameter and coarse or super coarse grits size. Using a bur with too high RPM level could generate undesirable heat
    3 – Do not force the bur into the turbine. In case of difficult access, check both turbine and bur