The decisive weapon against peri-implantitis • Seals implant gaps and hollow spaces • Durably stops infiltration of germs into hollow spaces • Effectively avoids a main reason for peri-implantitis • Successful over 20 years clinical study of the University of Dusseldorf (Germany) • Quick and easy handling and application • Each carpule supports enough material for 2-3 implants Properties of GapSeal: • Lasting, hermetic protection, no formation of micro-gaps • Prevents micro-leakage • Ideal for assembled implants • Gentle to the tissue • Highly viscous, transparent material (silicon matrix)
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GAPSEAL is based on a special silicon matrix ingredient composition which creates a barrier effectively preventing infiltration and colonization by bacteria. It is used immediately after inserting the implant with the first fixing of the locking screw. Therefore, the implant is durably protected against colonization by bacteria, viruses and fungi from the very beginning. The application of is very easy as the material is offered in in small portion carpules, together with a special applicator.

GAPSEAL seals the gaps and hollow spaces, which are to be found in every compound implant, thus effectively and durably avoiding colonization of germs into these hollow spaces and eliminating the risk of re-infection/microleakage of the peri-implantal tissue, one of the main reasons for peri-implantitis.