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Aquapick - AQ 350

Advanced Oral Irrigation System

Oral Irrigation Systems work by using a powerful pulsating stream of water to dislodge biofilm (plaque) from gaps between the teeth, around the gum margin and into periodontal pockets. It is thought that it is the pulsating action of an irrigator that is key to what helps clear dental debris and food particles. Although the streams of water are gentle and un-invasive, the powerful and targeted action of the water jets does work well to disrupt the most difficult to reach areas of the mouth.

An oral irrigator can also be used on orthodontic appliances and by people who have crowns, bridges and implants. Oral irrigators were first invented as an alternative to dental flossing as many people found it difficult to use floss as they could not reach areas in the back of the mouth. This led to people flossing infrequently and subsequently plaque biofilm would build up on their teeth. It is the build-up of biofilm from remaining food particles in the mouth that contributes to dental cavities, bad breath and gum disease.

So, an oral irrigation system such as AQUAPICK is essential in maintaining a good oral health.


Aquapick - AQ 350

  • Product Benefits:

    • Removes Food Debris While Massaging Gums Gently
    • Prevents Peri-Implantitis
    • Ideal for Orthodontic Patients
  • Highlights of Aquapick:

    • Powerful Pulsating Stream (2,200 pulses/min)
    • Clear Jet Tips of Four Colors
    • Additional Jet Tip Holders
    • Adjustable Water Pressure Level Button
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