Cavity Varnish and Dental Tubuli Seal


Medental Varnish, applied in the walls of the cavity, reduces the penetration of fluids into the tooth and the subsequent placed restoration.

The penetration of acid from the cement into the dentine, particularly zinc phosphate and silicate cements is reduced when Medental varnish is applied over the floor of the cavity, but when the layer is thin, the thermal protection is inadequate and more than one layer is recommended.


  • Medental Varnish for cavities can be of value for covering the dentine in shallow cavities to be restored with silica cement, without damaging the ant cariogenic effect.
  • In the handling of deep cavities, especially when the pulp is exposed, it can be convenient to place a previous protection, with calcium hydroxide, but before the cavity base.


15ml Bottle

Cavity Varnish and Dental Tubuli Seal