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Absorbable haemostatic gelatrin sponge with colloidal silver


With Dentospon:

  • There are no complications in the healing process
  • The wound does not have to be reopened
  • Time is saved


After extractions and other surgical treatment complications often occur, particularly due to bacterial infection. DENTOSPON® provides the dentist with an effective, biocompatible medical device for reliable post extraction treatment. DENTOSPON® has the great advantage that it is both haemostatic and bactericidal.


DENTOSPON® is made of foam gelatine and finely dispersed (colloidal) silver. Silver forms silver ions in moist conditions. Even small quantities of these ions are antimicrobial, without developping resistance.


DENTOSPON® is effective against all micro-organisms which are found in the oral cavity, particularly against gram-negative organisms. It has been found to be very effective against bacteria which are resistant to antibiotics.



  • Product Benefits:

    • Quick haemostasis
    • Stabilizes the blood coagulum
    • Smooth and complete resorption
    • Effective against a wide range of bacteria
    • Long lasting depot effect
  • Available in:

    • Blister pack (24 sponges)
  • Brochure:

    Dentospon Brochure - Download here (

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