Dentospon (24)


Prophylaxis of

  • secondary cavity formation
  • wound infections
  • secondary haemorrhage prophylaxis

As well as a dressing after gingivectomy and in periodontopathies



One DENTOSPON™ gelatine sponge (14 × 7 × 7 mm) contains:

Hardened gelatine Ph. Eur. 9.5 mg

Colloid silver Ph. Eur. 0.5 mg



Quick haemostasis

Stabilizes the blood coagulum

Smooth and complete resorption

Effective against a wide range of bacteria

Long lasting depot effect



There are no complications in the healing process

The wound does not have to be reopened

Time is saved


Where to use:

The treatment of alveoli and wound cavities, e.g. after

  • extractions
  • apical amputations
  • maxillary sinus perforations
  • other surgical treatments(removal of tumors or retained teeth)


How to use:

DENTOSPON™ is supplied sterilized and ready for use. The size of the small sponge can be adjusted to fit the wound cavity if need be. Two DENTOSPON™ sponges can be used for larger wounds. Care must be taken that the sponge is not compressed. Pressure on the sponge will destroy its structure and prevent the collection of blood within it.


  • After extraction blood should be allowed to accumulate in the alveolums...


  • Cut DENTOSPON™ to correct size...


  • Place DENTOSPON™ in the wound and suture

Dentospon (24)