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Liquid Sanitizing Hand Wash

EcoHand™ is a pH neutral almost red liquid disinfecting hand wash formulation developed specifically for daily use in the Industrial, Commercial and Household market where sanitising and regular washing of hands is required.


  • Active ingredients:

    EcoHand™ contains Quadex V6 as the active ingredient combined with a high-quality liquid soap and a soft Kiwi fragrance that will keep skin nourished and soft, despite regular washing.

    EcoHand™ is free of harsh compounds commonly used in liquid hand soaps that may be damaging to the skin caused by regular washing.

  • Product applications:

    EcoHand™ hand wash kills germs and cleans away grime or dirt at the same time, leaving skin smooth and well cared for, and is especially useful in Food preparation facilities, Childcare, Offices, Household, Frail care etc. because it is a non-irritant, biodegradable, environmentally friendly product

  • Available in:

    • 500ml - Pump Bottle

     • 5 Litre - Bulk

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