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Florence In-Office Whitening System

Florence In-office Whitening System is a rapid and easiest way to effectively whiten the teeth In-Office. It is based on a pH-Activated, 35% Hydrogen Peroxide formula with a build-in desensitizer. It is a complete professional whitening system, safe and effective.

Florence In-Office Whitening System

  • Product Benefits:

    • No bleaching light needed
    • Advanced chemical activated formula
    • Whitening results in less than an hour
    • In-built desensitizer for decreased sensitivity
  • Packaging:

    One Patient Kit :

    • 2 x 0.3g Powder Pots, 2 x 3ml Liquid Bottles, 1.x 1.2ml Gingiva Shield VLC, (Gingival barrier Syringes), 2 x Micro Brushes, 2 x Applicator Tips
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