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Fuji PLUS is a resin modified glass ionomer luting cement that has consistently delivered stress-free cementation for routine crown and bridge restorations.
It provides the highest level of confidence through exceptional long-term clinical results.


  • Indications

    GC Fuji PLUS is multi-purpose and able to cement:


    • Metal-based, zirconia, alumina and resin restorations
    • Feldspathic and leucite-reinforced inlays
    • Lithium disilicate restorations, especially when perfect isolation can’t be assured
    • Metal, ceramic, fibre post and cast post and cores
  • Advantages

    • Chemical adhesion to tooth structure, ensuring an excellent marginal seal
    • A moisture-tolerant solution when a dry field cannot be assured
    • Quick and easy without a need for complicated bonding procedures
    • Rubbery consistency for easy removal of excess
    • Pulp-friendly with virtually no post-operative sensitivity
    • Proven and predictable performance for most routine cases

    Fuji Plus is available in capsules (box of 50) and in powder/liquid/conditioner (15g/7ml/6.5ml)

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