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GC SOLARE Universal Bond

One bonding agent for all etching modes

GC SOLARE Universal Bond

  • Superior Bond Strength

    The superior bond strength of SOLARE Universal Bond to enamel and dentine is attributable to its unique formulation. The dimethacrylate monomer in SOLARE Universal Bond increases its permeability into enamel and dentine compared to other adhesives, while the increased level of phosphate ester monomer optimises etching.

  • See and Feel the Difference

    After preparation of SOLARE Universal Bond you can see a frosty, matte-like surface effect .
    The first layer of composite sticks nicely to SOLARE Universal Bond.

  • HEMA Free for a Durable Bond over Time

    SOLARE Universal Bond does not contain HEMA. This improves bond strength as water is not attracted to the area, which means there is no degradation of the collagen fibres.


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