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CMA Gutta Percha Points

Gutta Percha Points

Perfectly adapted taper for the Median, Apical 1 and Apical 2 instruments from the CMA System, for an excelente dental filling. Perfectly malleable, they add exactly to the canal walls.

These Gutta Percha cones are intended for the dental filling of the root canals prepared using the CMA instruments. Their conicity adapts perfectly to the instruments Median, Apical 1 and Apical 2 of the CMA system, for an excellent dental filling.

CMA Gutta Percha Points

  • Product Benefits:

    • Easily identifiable: their colored heads correspond to each CMA instrument
    • Perfectly malleable: adjusts exactly to the canal walls
    • Do not bend when inserted into the channel
    • Can be used in all the endodontic filling methods
    • Do not contain cadmium
    • Radiopaque
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