CMA Start Kit

CMA System consists of 4 nickel-titanium (NiTi) rotary endodontic instruments for     root canal shaping and retreatment, called ‘CORONAL’, ‘MEDIAN’, ‘APICAL 1’ and ‘APICAL 2’


  • A smaller number of instruments: 4 NiTi rotary endodontic instruments for a simplified sequence
  • Simplicity: Only one sequence for treatment & retreatment
  • Safety: Stronger hard-wearing NiTi alloy, preventing instrument fatigue
  • Complete range: Additional instruments & accessories available



  • Non cutting tip for increased safety and reduced risk of canal deviations
  • Triangular cross-section: Better cutting efficiency
  • Metal-fatigue monitoring: Any distortion of instruments plainly visible to the naked eye
  • Ultra flexible NiTi Alloy
  • Resistant: Fracture resistant due to an increase in torque with the diameter of the instrument
  • Short handle for easy access to posterior areas
  • CMA Instruments are recommended for use with endo motors featuring an auto-reverse function



Start Kit A: 25mm

Start Kit B: 21mm

Start Kit C: 29mm



Start Kit: Pack of 4 x NiTi rotary files and 2 x hand files

CMA Start Kit