Hi-Flex Modelling Wax

Modelling Wax for Prosthetics


Sheets of pink wax for modelling denture bases and acrylic saddle


. Vestibular parts of wax models of removable dentures
. Pre-forms of jackets crowns
. Modelling of acrylic saddle supporting the teeth
. For occlusal registration (Bite Blocks)
. Manufacturing of spacers for customs impression tray

Product Benefits:

. All purpose, multi utility wax
. Extra toughness
. High quality controlled by use of high quality materials and perfect production management
. Carves without chipping Boils out cleanly
. Temperature stable during trial insertion and yet easily deformable ADA Type I


12 sheets in individual box, Sheet Thickness: 1.5 mm,
Net wt: 250g

Hi-Flex Modelling Wax