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Light-Cured Composite Restorative

SOLARE X is a radiopaque anterior/posterior composite with exceptional beauty. It is available in a simplified shade range (X-A1 X-A2 X-A3 X-A3.5 X-AO2 X-WT)allowing the majority of restorations to be completed using a single layer technique.

Light-Cured Composite Restorative

  • Features And Benefits

    • Remarkable ability to blend into the tooth
    • Non-sticky handling that allows for easy manipulation
    • Plenty of working time under the operator light
    • Easy and quick to polish for a smooth, glossy surface
    • Very low shrinkage stress
    • High fracture toughness
  • Brochure

    https://GC_Solare_X_Brochure.pdf (

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