MTA Plus

MTA Plus is a specialized dental cement based on Di and Tri-Calcium Silicate, derived from advanced material research in inorganic hydraulic powder technology. MTA Plus is indicated for both vital pulp therapy and Endodontics procedures.

MTA Plus

  • Indications

    .Vital pulp
    . Cavity Lining
    . Base
     . Pulp-capping
     . Pulpotomies


    Non-Vital / endodontics
    . Obturation
    . Sealing
    . Apexification
    . Root-end filling
    . Perforation healing
    . Root Resorption

  • Product Benefits

    .The original bioactive cement formula

    . Finer powder for smoother, easier mixing, handling and   placement
    . Handy packaging- protects powder in desiccant-lined container
    . Dispense powder as needed
    . Optional gel for stability and washout resistance.
    . Non-cytotoxic, anti- microbial in vitro against common bacteria and E. Faecalis
    . No special equipment or dispensing instrument needed

  • Product Packaging

    Trial Pack: 1 x Jar 1g, 1 x Gel Bottle, 5ml