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ONEshade & OliBULK Fill Kit

Composite Reconstruction Couple

The ONEshade & OliBULK Fill Kit consists of 1 ONEshade composite 5g Syringe  & 2 OliBULK Fill 2g syringes (Universal Dentine and Med iumDentine Shade).


ONEshade & OliBULK Fill Kit

  • Features & benefits:

    Both composites work synergistically to give the Chameleon effect – the opaque OliBULK Fill works as a base layer for deep and irregular cavities creating a background. The much more transparent ONEShade, with its Colour Adaptive Technology, gives an invisible fusion with all surrounding tissues and thus matches most natural tooth shades.


    ONEshade and OliBULK Fill couple is

    • Time saving – only ONE composite syringe that covers most natural tooth shades. So, no need for time-consuming colour selection

    • Cost saving – no unnecessary expenses on a palette of composite shades and expired syringes in the drawer

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