OraTemp C&B

OraTemp C&B (crown and bridge material) is a two component self-curing composite material for chair side fabrication of temporary crowns, bridges and other temporary intra-coronal restorations. Ideal for both short and long term temporisation


* Fabrication of temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers
* Fabrication of long-lasting temporary restorations
* Lining material for prefabricated temporary crowns made of composite

Product Benefits:

* Excellent strength and low wear for durable temporaries
* Superior surface details
* Extremely polishable and colour stable
* 1:1 volume ratio for even flow and improved handling properties
* Low shrinkage and low curing temperature
* Can be easily repaired with flowable composite

Product Packaging:

67g Cartridge (Base + catalyst)

16 applicator tips
1 instruction manual

OraTemp C&B