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Oratemp NE

OraTemp NE is a non eugenol temporary cement which permits placement and retention under function of permanent crowns, bridges, splints and their temporary counterparts. OraTemp NE is insoluble in oral fluids and retains a tight marginal seal to prevent leakage of these fluids under the restorations.

Oratemp NE

  • Indications

    . Cementation of crowns, bridges and splints
    . Retentions of temporary crowns and bridges
    . Trial cementation of permanent restorations prior to final insertion

  • Product Benefits

    * Excellent physical properties
    * Easy to mix- easy to clean
    * Low solubility in oral fluids
    * Increased patient comfort

  • Product Packaging

    1 x Automix Syringe , Base & Catalyst , 15g
    20 x Automix Tips

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