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OXYSAFE Professional

OXYSAFE is an active Oxygen booster in periodontitis and peri-implantitis

How does OXYSAFE work?

OXYSAFE Gel Professional contains the patented Ardox-X® technology, based on active oxygen (hydrocarbon-oxoborate complex) which becomes activated by contact with the skin and mucous membrane. This complex acts as a matrix which releases the active oxygen in the area to be treated. This immediately reduces the number of Gram-negative bacteria. Furthermore, the oxygen-enriched environment has a proven positive effect on the treatment of inflamed gums.

Substances harmful to the body, such as hydrogen peroxides and radicals are not included. The application of OXYSAFE Gel Professional supports the periodontal regeneration therapy of soft tissue that has been damaged by peri-implantitis. OXYSAFE Professional has both, anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal properties, and supports the regeneration of inflamed tissue due to its increased oxygen content. It protects the oral flora and causes no cell death in erythrocytes and leukocytes. Neither mucosal cells nor osteoblasts are attacked. The effectiveness of OXYSAFE Professional has been confirmed by independent universities and in many studies.

OXYSAFE Professional

  • Indications:

    • Treatment of periodontitis and peri-implantitis
    • Eliminates harmful anaerobic bacteria
    • Active oxygen technology speeds up wound healing (without peroxides and free radicals)
    • Free of antibiotics and free of CHX
  • Difference between OXYSAFE Gel & Liquid:

    OXYSAFE Gel Professional is used exclusively by the dentist and gets applied to the gingival pockets. The product is delivered in handy, ‘ready to use’ 1ml cannulas and is very economical.

    OXYSAFE Liquid Professional is a mouthwash used by the patient at home, immediately after treatment as a follow-up. It ensures that enough active oxygen remains in the mouth, maintaining an antibacterial effect and supporting the desired wound healing.




  • Available in:

    • Oxysafe Intro Kit Professional (3 x 1ml gel + 3 x 250ml mouthwash+ 3 application cannulas)
    • Oxysafe Gel Professional (3 x 1ml Gel + 1 application cannula)
    • Oxysafe Liquid Professional (1 x 250ml)
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