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Quadex Dental Lube

A fast-acting, high-level disinfecting and lubricating solution for dental professionals

DENTAL LUBE is used to disinfect and lubricate all high-speed turbine handpieces, and low speed attachments and heads prior to autoclaving the equipment or between patients throughout the day. 

Quadex Dental Lube

  • Product Benefits:

    QUADEX® DENTAL LUBE  is used by dental technicians, oral hygienists and dentists. Its 7-in-1 formulation ensures that high-speed turbine handpieces and low speed attachments and heads are free of infectious and pathogenic microbes before each use, by:

    • cleansing

    • disinfecting

    • lubricating

    • cooling the equipment

    • protecting the metal

    • displacing moisture

    • rust inhibiting (while not attacking or causing rubber seals to brittle)

    QUADEX® DENTAL LUBETM is classified as a Class B medical device and is only available to the professional market. It kills 99.99999% of all bacteria that cause illness and disease (7 log reduction)

  • Active ingredients:

    Alcohol and silicone fluid. Biguanide and Amine (QUADEX® (V6) proprietary blend) including wetting agents, surfactants and emulsifiers (0.25%). QUADEX® (V6) combines all features required of a modern disinfectant. It delivers high germicidal activity, effectively kills all micro-organisms (broad spectrum bacteria, fungus, mould, mildew, algae, spores and viruses), and is safe to use – meaning it is non-toxic, non-staining, non-corrosive and non-discolouring. QUADEX® (V6) offers a residual killing activity of up to thirty days.

  • Available in:

    500ml ready to use can

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