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Quadex DeWax

Multi-purpose cleaning solvent for glue, wax, small soils and stains

DEWAX is a powerful, ready-to-use multi-purpose solvent for cleansing and removal of wax, oil, grease, grime, tar, glue and gum from all surfaces. It is used in any environment where hard to remove, stubborn marks, material and matter are present on surfaces or need to be dissolved from fabrics, textiles or tools.

Quadex DeWax

  • Uses:

    As a broad-spectrum degreaser/dissolver it can be used across multiple environments. It effectively removes difficult to clean or stubborn stains and substances, leaving behind a clean surface and a fresh citrus smell. It will clean containers, tiles, floors, walls and vinyl (shoe prints, scuff marks, grease, gum, adhesive residue, Prestik); colour fast fabrics (ink and pen); appliances and tools, steel, countertops, vehicles (tar and asphalt), ovens and countertops…its applications are endless.

  • How to use DEWAX?

    Follow directions on the label for the recommended dilution ratio. More is not better. For small soils or stubborn marks use undiluted DEWAX on a rag, cloth or paper towel. For flat surfaces and floors let DEWAX sit on the surface for at least five to ten minutes or longer to emulsify the grease, then follow with a thorough hot-water rinse. A different mop and bucket must be used for the back and front-of-house areas.

  • Available in:

    250ml Bottle

  • Active ingredients:

    Its active ingredients include one of nature’s most powerful, biodegradable solvents – d-limonene, derived from the peel of oranges.

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