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Quadex® Wet Wipes

Quadex® Wet Wipes are HIGH-LEVEL Disinfecting Wipes.

They are ideal for the following professional applications: For use in all medical and dental areas, including theatres, clinics, dental surgeries, hospital wards trauma units, surgeries, emergency services applications, surface disinfection of machines (X-Ray, Mammography, Ultrasound etc.) and breathing apparatuses.

Quadex® Wet Wipes

  • Areas of application:

    • Can be used by paraplegics and people suffering from bladder
      problems for the disinfecting of catheters.
    • Suitable for the surface disinfection of benches, shelves, counter
      tops, chains, trolleys, beds, telephones, toilets, computer
      keyboards and laboratory equipment.
    • For the disinfection of probes, transducers, centrifuges, pipettes,
      incubators as well as other sealed devices.
    • Highly Recommended and also safe to use in public places,
      beauty and hairdressing salons, at body piercing and tattooist
    • Suitable for use in food preparation areas, nursery schools, public schools and colleges.

    For use in all high risk areas and on most surfaces including glass, metal, ceramics, fabrics, plastic and rubber.

    Disinfecting Wipes are impregnated with Quadex™ the active ingredient in most of our high level disinfectants.

    Disinfecting Wipes are safe, flexible and economical to use.

  • Available in:

    Tubs of 150 wipes & Buckets of 500 Wipes

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