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Endodontic sequencer with 8 holes and 2 graduated rulers. Ensures sterilisation, storage and support of a sequence of endodontic instruments. Allows preparing individual sequences by patient. Practical, stable, resistant.



  • Product Characteristics:

    • Prepares individual sequences per patient
    • Ideal size: makes it easier to put in under bag to preserve sterilization
    • Supports all disinfection solutions, ultrasound and all sterilization modes up to 135 °C
    • Dimensions: 8 x 5.2 x 0.7 cm
  • Uses:

    • Closed, the CMA sequencer serves as a support for the sterilization and storage of endodontic instruments.
    • Open, the sequencer serves as a support for easy gripping of the Instruments.
  • Product Benefits:

    •  Stable and resistant: perfectly maintained endodontic files inside the sequencer.
    • Millimetric rulers up to 30mm are ideal for adjusting the length of the endodontic instruments, paper points and gutta percha points. Present on each side of the sequencer, usable by right and left handed person.
    • Allows a good visibility of the instruments.