Solare Flo

A flowable with impressive strength


SOLARE Flo's innovative filler technology give a full strength composite in a flowable consistency. Designed for traditional flowable applications but strong enough to be placed in any cavity classifications. That is a flowable with impressive strength!



  • Liner or base
  • Blocking out undercuts
  • Repair of (in)direct aesthetic restorations, temporary crown and bridge; defect margins when margins are in enamel
  • Sealing hypersensitive areas
  • Feasure sealant
  • Direct restorative for class I, II, III, IV and V cavities including smale cavities which require high flowability


High radiopacity:

Perfect for defining the cavity outline in radiographic images for direct or indirect procedures.


Available in:

Syringe of 1gm/0.56mL shade: A1, A2, A3, A3.5

Solare Flo