Quadex® Steriscrub®

A fast-acting, antiseptic liquid skin soap



  • is a fast-acting, antiseptic liquid skin soap for use in environments where regular handwashing and disinfecting is a prerequisite
  • it is free of animal products and harsh compounds (sodium chloride, sulfonates,

      sulphate and other harsh chemicals) commonly used to produce disinfect handwash and scrubs  

  • it is non-toxic, non-staining, non-corrosive and non-discoloring
  • it washes away harmful microbes and germs, while leaving the hands clean, soft and smooth
  • it is classified as a high-level disinfectant


STERISCRUB® is the recommended surgical hand hygiene method for use in health institutions.

It is used as often as required.


Available in :

  • 500ml Pump dispenser
  • 1L Bulk

Quadex® Steriscrub®