Surgispon (32)


SURGISPON® is a sterile hemostatic absorbable gelatin sponge made of pure pharmaceutical gelatine (lyophilized hydrolyzed collagen) foam, which gives it a uniform porosity & reacts neutrally. The dried foam is cut, packaged and sterilized using gamma radiation. SURGISPON® is immediately available for use in the operating theatre and does not require any sterilization by dry heat or autoclaving.



SURGISPON can be effectively used in various surgeries for

haemostasis, when control of capillary, venous and arteriolar bleeding

by pressure, ligature and other conventional procedures is ineffective

or impractical.


Fast and effective

Absorbs 40-50 times of its own weight

Saves valuable surgical and anesthetic time


HOW to use SURGISPON® Dental

Soak the cube in sterile saline solution or use dry.


If used dry, the sponge is slightly compressed. The sponges must be applied to a bleeding area under light pressure for one or two minutes until the bleeding stops.

If used wet, withdraw SURGISPON® cubes and squeeze thoroughly between gloved fingers to expel air bubbles, replace in saline and keep there until needed.

When bleeding is controlled, the cubes can be left in situ.

Surgispon (32)