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Tongue & Cheek®

Tongue'n Cheek® Dental Pads are 8 Times more absorbent than cotton rolls.

How to use it?

Ideal Use-After preparing the tooth, placement of the matrix band and wedging, place a Tongue'n Cheek® Dental Pad where you would normally place cotton rolls for isolation.  Now instead of replacing the cotton roll after acid etching and rinsing or while placing the bonding and composite and going through a stack of cotton rolls, the Tongue'n Cheek® Dental Pad will keep absorbing to allow you to complete your restoration. 


Tongue & Cheek®

  • Product Benefits:

    • Costs Less - Use only one, not a stack of cotton rolls.  It’s designed so a Dentist only needs 1 for an entire procedure
    • Speed Up - No need to stop, break isolation and change the cotton roll
    • Comfortable - Extremely soft, compressible and does not damage the oral mucosa.  Patients do not like cotton rolls, but they LOVE Tongue'n Cheek® Dental Pads
    • Safety - Tongue'n Cheek® Dental Pads do not catch, snag or become entangled in the high speed bur.  Does not contain any caustic bleaching agents which may cause intraoral sores.
    • Great for isolation while placing fillings, impression taking, bite adjustment, crown cementation, etc.
    • Anywhere you would use a cotton roll you now have the ultimate in saliva absorption, Tongue'n Cheek® Dental Pads. 



  • Product Tips:

    • Retraction - For additional retraction, hold the tissue in the desired position.  Squirt the Tongue'n Cheek® Dental Pad with a little water spray.  The pad will expand to fill the space and retract the tissue.
    • Custom Fit the Tongue'n Cheek® Dental Pad by cutting it with a scissor.  Cut the pad lengthwise to fit in smaller places.  Leave the pads attached to one another to wrap them around the dental arch.
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