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Turboflex Putty Soft Fast Set (250ml base + 250ml catalyst)

Turboflex is a complete range of vinyl polysiloxane addition silicones.

Turboflex Putty Soft Fast Set (250ml base + 250ml catalyst)

  • Indications:

    - Turboflex silicones consistency is suited to the “Wash technique” and to double mixing

    – Turboflex has quite a long working time, followed by a very short setting time

  • Characteristics:

    •   Exceptional detail reproduction.
    • Thixotropic: washes are easily injected and do not overflow during setting.
    • Hydrocompatibility: your impressions are always highly precise, even when in contact with gingival fluid and bleeding.
    • Good dimensional stability
    •  High elastic memory: 99 %. Easy removal. You can make several models from one impression, with no risk of distortion
    • Medical Device of Class I
    • Choice of viscosity: Soft or extra soft
    • Choice of setting time: normal or fast
    • Adapted to all indications and impression techniques
    • Has no linear contraction with a high resistance to inorganic agents and UV radiations
    • It also has good release properties with organic resins and plasters

    Manufacturer: CFPM

    Turboflex Putty: box of 250ml base + 250ml catalyst (2 x 400g)

  • Application:

    Double mixing technique or wash-technique.

  • Why choose Turboflex?

    • High dimensional stability: Ensures the preservation of the impression. High elastic memory :Elastic memory ≥ 99% which allows high precision of the reproduction details of the impression
    • Water compatible: The Light allows exceptional reproduction of detail even in the presence of gingival fluid or blood
    • Thixotropic: The Light does not run during setting, which ensures ease of use
    • Snap Set" effect: Ideal ratio between working time and setting time in the mouth: long working time, short setting time
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