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Turboprint Chroma (500g)

Fast-setting alginate, dust-free.

Turboprint Chroma changes colour during the different stages of work to indicate its setting time with remarkable precision.
Its pleasant flavour makes it the perfect alginate for children.

Turboprint Chroma (500g)

  • Properties:

    – Mixing time: 45s

    – Setting time: 1min

    – Total working time: 2min 25s

    – Flavours: Fruity, tropical-citrus fruit

    – Colours: Fuchsia, Orange, Yellow

    Medical Device of Class I

  • Application:

    Turboprint Chroma changes color during the different phases of work, indicating precisely the different stages of the process.

  • Why choose Turboprint Chroma?

    • Excellent mechanical strength: Resists tearing and deformation during insertion and removal of the model from the impression.
    • High dimensional stability: Allows for a long conservation of prints "48h".
    • High elastic memory: Allows precise reproduction of details.
    • Snap Set" effect: Ideal ratio between working time and setting time in the mouth: long working time, short setting time.
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