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Turboprint Class A (500g)

Fast-setting type 1 class alginate, dust-free.

Remarkably accurate, Turboprint Class is extraordinary precise, mixes easily and presents a homogeneous consistency.

It offers excellent quality impressions.

Reproduces detail up to 25 µm.

Turboprint Class A (500g)

  • Properties:

    - Mixing time: 30s

    – Setting time: 1min

    – Total working time: 2min

    – Flavour: Mint

    – Colour: Light blue

    Medical Device of Class I

    Manufacturer: CFPM

  • Application:

    Extraordinarily precise, Turboprint is very easy to mix and has a homogeneous consistency. It offers excellent print quality.

  • Why choose Turboprint Class A?

    -Excellent mechanical strength: Resists tearing and deformation during insertion and removal of the model from the impression.

    - High dimensional stability: Allows for a long conservation of prints "48h".

    - High elastic memory: Allows precise reproduction of details.

    - Snap Set" effect: Ideal ratio between working time and setting time in the mouth: long working time, short setting time.

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